About Us

Fragrance One

Let the compliments flow!

Our mission is to create “The Perfect Scents for Specific Situations”

How do we achieve this?

Combined with Jeremy's years of experience in the fragrance field as a top influencer and reviewer, we searched for the best scents geared towards a high compliment factor and longevity.

Utilizing the highest quality ingredients, along with world-renowned perfumers, Jeremy's unmatched knowledge of the industry trends and Kamil’s management efforts gave birth to what is now called Fragrance One; our family business.

Because of the trust of our subscribers, we successfully launched Fragrance One through a record breaking crowdfunding campaign and they have not been disappointed.

Together, we strive to create the highest quality fragrance for any situation so you can get endless compliments throughout your day.


Thank you for believing in our creation!

Jeremy & Kamil
Fragrance One