3 Year Anniversary Edition

Thank you to all who made it possible. To celebrate our birthday, we have this limited edition (hand painted, signed and numbered) of our original release in stock - including Kickstarter Early Bird pricing.

OFFICE for Men - Limited Edition
Regular price € 125.00

Long lasting, Modern DNA, Maximum Compliments


We are focusing on how fragrances perform in real life and how many compliments they get. Instead of boardrooms and focus groups we are out on the street, talking to real people with real reactions.


We design powerful and long lasting fragrances for specific situations in order to get you the most compliments wherever you are. Our goal is to help you navigate through the fragrance jungle by offering you a fragrance that is designed to get the most compliments.


We only work with the best in order to deliver the highest quality product. From master perfumers, our manufacturing partners and our fillers we will always make sure that quality comes first.




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OFFICE for Men DATE for Men BLACK TIE for Men NIGHT for Women DAY for Women

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What Our Customer Say

Just want to say I absolutely love your DAY and NIGHT fragrances. I had Night on at my chiropractor’s office and the lady who works there loved it and wanted to know what I was wearing. I took both Day and Night in for her to try and she liked them both...If I could only get one I’d get Night but they are both beautiful....I’d even go so far as to say Night is my favorite fragrance that I own and I own about 50 fragrances. Great creations!!!...

Donna K. M.

Alright here's the story. My friend just recently got his OFFICE for men and UNISEX bottles. He talked to me for a while about how long lasting it was. I told him to give me a 10ml sample of unisex and... no explanation, BUY IT NOW (forgot to mention, it smells... amazing.)

username: x_ghosts

Jeremy, just had a tremendous encounter using your fragrance, OFFICE. A lady at Walmart came up to me demanding to know what brand of cologne I was using. I directed her to your brand and YouTube channel likewise. This is the first compliment I've ever received so thank you, sir! Makes one feel more confident. 

Author's name

Hab mich mit einem Mädchen getroffen, hatte UNISEX drauf, noch nie so gute Komplimente bekommen. Danke Bro.

(Met with a girl while wearing UNISEX. Never before have I received such great compliments. Thanks Bro.)

Berdan A.

Fragrance One has 3 spots in my Top 5:

1. Date for Men
2. Layton
3. Unisex
4. Ultra Male
5. Office for Men
Toss out the rest !!

Leo S. C.