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100ml/approx. 700 sprays
50ml + 50ml/approx. 700 sprays

Ships in March 2020


Day & Night for Women

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image description

DAY for Women is filled with OSMANTHUS, which is fruity floral Apricot Smelling note, we got BENZOIN which is a sweet seductive note and we got JASMIN which gives a very feminin approach.

NIGHT for Women is almost only BENZOIN and almost only JASMIN in its consistence with a major Overdose of the Sweet Benzoin (dirty sexual vanilla).

  • 50ml + 50ml
  • Extrait de Parfum
  • No Budget Limitations for our Master Perfumers
  • Shipping March 2020
  • Regular Price: €179 Pre-order price available for a limited time!
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spraying instructions

5 sprays

  1. 2 behind each Ears
  2. 1 Spray on the Back of your Neck
  3. 2 Sprays each on your front collar

spraying instructions

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